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The Franciscan Charism is focused on the role of simplicity and prayer. Franciscans are also bound by the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Poverty, as expressed in the Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King is not relinquishing all possessions. Rather, it is diligently working to relinquish the love of possessions. The vow of chastity reflects the different states of lives of our members. Obedience is being obedient to the community and responsive to the needs of others. These core vows are the foundation on which our Order is built. These vows help the members of the Order, to "be in the world, but not of the world".


Some of our unique charisms are:

  • Both men and women who are called to the life of penance may participate in the life of our Order.

  • Both celibate and non-celibate members may join the Order.

  • We follow the Primitive Rule of 1221 as a guide according to each member's particular situation and ability.

  • All members may wear the habit of the Order.

  • Members utilize the initials O.S.F. (Ordo Sancti Francisci) after their name.

  • Individual members participate in various ministries which include parochial ministries, hospital chaplaincy, jail and prison ministries, intercessory prayer, and other ministries that glorify God and serve their fellow man.

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